Translate a Document

Can I Translate a Legal Document?

Translating legal documents requires a lot of expertise and experience, not just as a linguist but as someone who is familiar with the legal formatting as well because that is something which varies from one legal document to another, so even if you are fluent in the language in which the document needs to be translated then you still require the expertise of a professional linguist, if you have never translated a document before then you should know what type of documents require legal translation and you would be immediately put off by the thought of translating the legal document without any experience given the type of documents that usually require legal translation. Even If it is your personal document like a degree or a birth certificate you would still have to know all about the formatting that is acceptable with the recipient state organization. You can read more about the types of legal documents that require translation at reliable online sources, one which provides credible information otherwise it can all go wrong and you can face difficulties as the legal document might not be accepted because of incorrect translation.

if you are getting a regular document translated then you are looking at a cost $0.10 per word as there are many professional linguists who are familiar with the formats required for a legal translation and this is a reasonable amount if you are able to find an experienced professional, sometimes the professional linguists would charge ridiculous amounts and you should avoid it, even if you don’t really know much about legal translations and they are helping you out you still don’t need to spend over the odds to get the translation because the standard rate is anywhere between $0.10 to 0.50 per word.